General Terms and Conditions

In addition to the purchase price,
following costs also arise when acquiring real estate:
3,5% real estate transfer tax
approx. 1,5% notary and land registry costs
3% brokerage fee
excl. VAT (or country-specific conditions)

General Terms and Conditions of M-Real Invest GmbH:
Following regulations apply to the processing of all business transactions in which acustomer acquires a real estate property by means of proof or mediation
by M-Real Invest GmbH:

1. M-Real Invest is a commercial real estate broker, who is licensed to practice as a broker, property developer and building supervisior, in accordance with paragraph 34 c of German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (GewO).
A brokerage contract is concluded between an interested party and M-Real Invest by sending / handing over and accepting an offer / exposé - also via the Internet.

2. Upon receipt of an offer, to which an exposé with terms and conditions is regularly attached, proof shall be deemed to have been furnished that the interested party has no prior knowledge of the offered property, unless the interested party immediately - at the latest within 5 days after receipt of the offer - indicates and proves such prior knowledge in writing.

3. The offer is intended only for the recipient and not to be passed on to third parties, such as persons or companies. The recipient of this offer is only authorised to pass on to third parties, if M-Real Invest expressly agrees to this in writing and the original source M-Real Invest GmbH remains named.

4. The brokerage fee amounts to 3% of the notarised sales price, plus the statutory VAT in the respective amount, currently 19%. The commission is owed upon conclusion of a contract; the due date occurs both in the case of verification activity and in the case of a mediation activity upon notarisation of the contract.

5. The recipient of an offer owes the commission of 3% plus the statutory VAT, currently 19%, even if the recipient unauthorisedly passes on the offer to a third party who acquires the offered property. The commission shall also be owed by the offeree if a third prson or company related to the offeree under company law or family law acquires the offered property.
The recipient of this offer is also liable for damages to M-Real Invest in the amount of the commission if the recipient forwards the offer to a person or company in which the recipient is active as a managing director, merely participates as a partner, or is associated with this company as a partner. In this case, M-Real Invest GmbH does not have to prove that it would have been possible to prove or procure another customer for the same purchase price.

6. M-Real Invest or a broker officially commissioned by M-Real Invest GmbH may also act on behalf of the seller / buyer on a commission basis.

7. Higher brokerage fees and settlement rates may apply to foreign properties. As a rule, up to 5% of the sales proceeds.

8. The information contained in the offer is given in good faith on the basis of the information provided by the client and is given without obligation and without guarantee as to its correctness. The recipient shall verify the accuracy of such information for itself prior to entering into a Notarisation Agreement.

9. Proof of capital, e.g. in the form of a bank guarantee or a financing confirmation from a standard European commercial bank, must be provided and submitted by the offeree prior to notarisation.

10. Insofar as legal disputes arise in connection with the brokerage services provided by M-Real Invest GmbH the place of jurisdiction is agreed to be Munich / Regional Court.

We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the financial feasibility and economic viability of our services.

Friendly advice and support, flexible scheduling to suit customers and reliable service are all part of better conditions!

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